Georg Muffat: Armonico tributo (1682) - five sonatas for strings & basso continuo

Sonata I in D major
Sonata II in g minor
Sonata III in A major
Sonata IV in e minor
Sonata V in G major

Opus X Ensemble, directed by Petri Tapio Mattson

Recorded 8/2002, released 5/2004
Alba ABCD 183

"A new CD will hopefully be the first of many: the Opus X Ensemble, directed by Petri Tapio Mattson, give an excellent account of themselves in the 1682 set of five sonatas Armonico tributo (ALBA ABCD 183)." 

"The sound is bright and clear, with a liberal helping of improvised ornamentation that is both to be welcomed and always tasteful. The crowning glory of the set is, of course, the great Passacaglia at the end of the final sonata - it is surely impossible to hear this and not rate Muffat as one of the most important composers of the period, especially when played as well as it is here." 
(Brian Clark, Early Music Review, August 2004)